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Current Issue - Stonehouse News Issue 38

The Town Council funds and manages the production of a quarterly town magazine to keep residents informed of Council activities and local news and events. With the help of some fantastic volunteers, the magazine is published and distributed on a quarterly basis to all the homes, and some businesses, throughout the town of Stonehouse.

If you are interested in either submiting an article or placing an advertisement for the publication please contact

Publication Guidelines

We have set out below two guidelines which will hopefully help to answer any questions but if you require more information please contact the office via the email address given above.

Guidelines for Contributors

Advertise Your Business - (links to new page)

We need delivery volunteers

We always need dedicated volunteers to distribute the newsletter in Stonehouse. If you can spare an hour every quarter we would greatly appreciate it.

Please contact or call 01453 822070.


Stonehouse News - Archive

Newsletter ArchiveIssue #Download Link
Autumn 2018 Issue 38 Download file
Spring 2018 Issue 37 Download File (2.0mb)
Winter 2017 Issue 36 Download File (2.0mb)
Autumn 2017 Issue 35 Download File (1.00mb)
Summer 2017 Issue 34 Download File (2.0mb)
Spring 2017 Issue 33 Download File (2.0mb)
Winter 2016 Issue 32 Download File (2.0mb)
Autumn 2016 Issue 31 Download File (3.0mb)

Summer 2016

Issue 30 Download File (2.0mb)

Spring 2016

Issue 29 Download File (2.00mb)

Winter 2015

Issue 28 Download File (2.00mb)
Autumn 2015 Issue 27 Download File (2.00mb)
Summer 2015 Issue 26 Download File (2.0mb)
Spring 2015 Issue 25 Download File (5.0mb)
Winter 2014 Issue 24 Download File (3.0mb)
Autumn 2014 Issue 23 Download File (2.0mb)
Summer 2014 Issue 22 Download File (2.0mb)
Spring 2014 Issue 21 Download File (2.0mb)
Winter 2013 Issue 20 Download File (2.0mb)
Autumn 2013 Issue 19 Download File (1.7mb)
Summer 2013 Issue 18 Download File (2.0mb)
Spring 2013 Issue 17 Download File (2.0mb)

Get In Touch

Town Hall
High Street
GL10 2NG

01453 822 070

Opening Hours:

Monday:    09:30 - 12:30
Tuesday:   09:30 - 12:30
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday:  09:30 - 12:30
Friday:      09:30 - 12:30