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High Street Medical Centre 

Dr Victoria Blackburn, Dr William Pead, Dr Nicholas Jones
31 High Street, Stonehouse, GL10 2NG
Tel: 01453 822047

Stonehouse Health Clinic

Dr Esmailji
High Street, Stonehouse, GL10 2NG
Tel: 01453 823144

Regent Street Surgery

Dr Janet Sivyer, Dr Liz Johnson, Dr Ian Lake, Dr Lucy Lake
73 Regent Street, Stonehouse, GL10 2AA
Tel: 0844 8151066


Woodcock Lane Dental Care

2 Woodcock Lane, Stonehouse, GL10 2EE
Tel: 01453 828327

High Street Dental Surgery

13 High Street, Stonehouse, GL10 2NG
Tel: 01453 822205

Townes & Townes Associates

13 Queens Road, Stonehouse, GL10 2QA
Tel: 01453 827474

HRS Dentalcare

2 Ebley Road, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL10 2LQ
Tel: 0870 8501085


Michael D Bailey

17 High Street, Stonehouse, GL10 2NG
Tel: 01453 823399

Norville Opticians

2 Elgin Shopping Mall, Stonehouse, GL10 2NA
Tel: 01453 822525


Dementia or short term memory loss - help and advice is available locally in complete confidence.

Tel: 01453 827565 or 01453 827286 to arrange a call-back.


or contact your G.P.


GP Exercise on Referral- 12 Week Physical Activity Programme

 This initiative involves you being referred to  a  highly  qualified  Exercise  Referral Instructor,  who  will  provide  a  consultation  to  talk  through  your  health  condition(s) and  what  types  of  activities  you  like  to  do.  A  suitable  12-week   physical   activity programme  will  then  be  created  for you, which could consist of one or more of the  following: Gym, Swimming, Walking or Group Exercise Classes.


Who Can be referred?

Any individual over the age of 16 who has, or may have the potential to develop, a health  condition  is  eligible for  referral.  Health  conditions  can  include,  but  are  not limited to;  Obesity,  Joint  Replacement,  Asthma,  High  Blood  Pressure,  Depression, Osteoarthritis,  Diabetes, Anxiety.


Who can refer you?

Your GP, Nurse or Community Health Professionals are all able to refer you to the scheme. There are two methods of referral:


Your  health  professional  can  refer  you  direct to your chosen centre or You  can  be  provided  with  a  completed  referral form for you to contact the centre direct


How much does it cost?

·         One off consultation fee = £14.00

·         Pay as you go (PAYG) gym session = £2.00


You local centre is: Stonehouse Sports Centre


To find out more information, please contact Community Health & Wellbeing on 01453 754508 or  

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