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Councillor Neil Gibbs


I’m an independent councillor and have lived in Stonehouse since the mid 1970s – apart from a brief period in the 1980s when I foolishly emigrated to Stroud. I served for 28 years as a Community Police Sergeant and for the last 12 years of my service I ran the Neighbourhood Policing Team covering Dursley and District. I have extensive experience in community engagement and neighbourhood management.

I live in the town with my family and am very proud to be able to represent Stonehouse. There should ideally be no politics at Town Council level but councillors do sometimes have to make political decisions and it’s my aim to maintain a common sense, non-partisan approach to everything your Town Council does on your behalf.

Our community is facing unprecedented challenges in the coming few years with West of Stonehouse, further public service austerity and huge challenges to our economy. My aim is to ensure that we get the best deal we can for our town.

I’ve always been a keen runner and you’ll often see me jogging around the town.

Currently I serve as Deputy Mayor and hence sit on all standing committees.

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