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Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan Submission

Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan Group, made up of residents and Town Councillors, prepared a draft Neighbourhood Development Plan for Stonehouse under powers granted by the Localism Act 2011.

The submission draft of the Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan took account of representations received during the six week period of consultation, from 1st July 2016 to 12 August 2016, on the pre-submission draft of the Stonehouse Neighbourhood Development Plan under Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning General Regulations.

Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan Group received planning consultancy support, paid for by a Locality Grant, during the development of the submission draft, including a Health Check to advise on the conformity of the draft Plan with national and local planning policy. 

Health Check of draft Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan

Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan Group response to Health Check comments

Regulation 15 – Submission of Neighbourhood Plan to Local Planning Authority

On 17th March 2017 Stonehouse Town Council submitted their draft neighbourhood development plan and related documents to Stroud District Council under Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (As Amended). 

Stonehouse Neighbourhood Development Plan, 2016-2031, Submission Draft


Basic Conditions Statement

Map 1: Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan Area

Appendix A: Designation of Neighbourhood Area certificate 

Appendix B: Relationship with National Planning and Policy Framework 

Appendix C: Contribution to the achievement of sustainable development

Appendix D: Conformity with the Strategic Policies in Local Plan

Appendix E: Assessment of contribution to the achievement of sustainable development

Appendix F: SEA HRA screening determination report Stroud District Council

Appendix G: Schedule of key evidence used


Consultation Statement

Appendix 1 Schedule of Consultation Activities 

Appendix 2 Reg 14 Consultation Responses

Appendix 3 Publicity and press material 

Stonehouse Town Character Assessment, 2016

Regulation 16, Post-submission consultation and publicity

Stroud District Council held a six week consultation on the submission draft of the Plan from 5th April 2017 to 17th May 2017; for consultation responses see (

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