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As a statutory planning document, a neighbourhood development plan needs to be supported by robust evidence to underpin its policies and proposals.

Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan Group have used a range of sources as evidence including national and local planning guidance, the evidence base for the Local Plan, existing data relating to Stonehouse and data gathered by group members.

All policies were also informed by the Consultation results  (click on link to view) from a range of consultation exercises.

National and local planning guidance

Neighbourhood plans must be in conformity with national planning policy and strategic policies in the Local Plan. The draft Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan for consultation includes references to relevant policies in the National Planning Policy Framework and Stroud District Local Plan in the justifications for the policies.

National Planning Policy Framework

National Planning Practice Guidance

Stroud District Local Plan

Stonehouse: Reports and Data

The following reports contain useful data about Stonehouse:

Rural community profile for Stonehouse (Parish), Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) Rural evidence project, October 2013

Stroud District Settlement Role and Function Study (2014)

Sustainable Transport Assessment, Local Plan Evidence Base, May 2015

The following documents informed the development of the draft Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan:

Stonehouse Design Statement - Supplementary Planning Advice (2005)

Stonehouse Community Plan (2008)


Evidence used for each policy theme:

Amenities and facilities

Retail, residential and amenity land survey, Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan Group (April 2014)

Travel and transport

Gloucestershire's Local Transport Plan (2015-2031)

Manual for Gloucestershire Streets 4th edition, April 2016

Gloucestershire Countryside Access and Rights of Way Improvement Plan, 2011-2026

Gloucestershire County Council Cycle Facility Guidelines, March 2012


Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) 2011 Update Report, Stroud District Council

Gloucestershire Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update, March 2014

Stroud District Council, Examination of Stroud District Local Plan, Stage 2 Hearing Statement, Matter 3B: Making Places – Stonehouse Cluster

Stonehouse Planning Completions and Commitments 2006-2015, Stroud District Council

Retail, residential and amenity land survey, Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan Group (April 2014)

Notes of meeting of 3 March 2015 with Stroud District Council regarding Housing and Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan

Notes of meeting of 6 March 2015, Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan Group and Wycliffe College

Stonehouse Housing Report, July 2015, Gloucestershire Rural Community Council

Housing Briefing Paper, Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan Group, August 2015

Notes of meeting of 15 November with Stroud District Council regarding emerging housing policies and Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan

Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan Population and Housing Evidence, May 2016

Call for sites

A call for sites was made using the Spring and Summer 2015 editions of Stonehouse News; one response was received of land unsuitable for development. The site assessment was carried out using criteria agreed by Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan Group and a sustainability checklist based on sustainability objectives set out by the Sustainability Appraisal  used for the development of Stroud District Council's Local Plan.

Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan Group Site Assessment Criteria

Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan Group Sustainability Checklist


Stroud District Employment Land Study, 2013

The Strategic Economic Plan for Gloucestershire, GFirst LEP (Local Economic Partnership), 2014

The Gloucestershire Growth Deal, GFirst LEP

Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan Business Consultation event, response summary, October 2014

Notes of meeting of 16 June 2015 with GFirst LEP regarding Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan


Stonehouse Town Character Assessment

The Stonehouse Town Character Assessment has been carried out by volunteers at a level of detail sufficient to meet the purposes of contributing to the Neighbourhood Plan evidence base and identifying opportunities for the town. It therefore does not aim to provide detailed description or analysis of the diverse natural and manmade features of the town.

The character assessment work was carried out by members of the Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan working group using guidance and pro formas from primarily, Bath and North East Somerset District Council (BNESDC) ("Snapshot" Character Assessment Toolkit, Bath and North East Somerset District Council and Place Studio) and also from Planning Aid England.

The six character area summaries covering the town together with the character assessments they were based on are shown below:

Stonehouse Town Character Assessment

Introduction and summary which contains links to the Character Area summaries shown below.

Map_to_show_Stonehouse_Town_Character_Assessment_Zones (with thanks to Steve Palmer, Isight Design)

Town and Retail Centre, Character Area Summary 1

Character Assessment Town and Retail Centre 

West of High Street, Character Area Summary 2

Character Assessment North West

Character Assessment Little Australia

Character Assessment Elm Road and Laburnum Area

Character Assessment Park Estate

Character Assessment South West

East of High Street, Character Area Summary 3

Character Assessment North East

Character Assessment North East Middle

Character Assessment South East

Character Assessment Pearcroft Area

Character Assessment Ebley Road

Industrial Zone, Character Area Summary 4

Character Assessment North West

Character Assessment South West

Doverow Zone, Character Area Summary 5

Character Assessment Doverow

Canal Zone, Character Area Summary 6

Character Assessment Canal Zone

Stonehouse Town Character Assessment, 2016, Summary of conclusions

Green Spaces, Stonehouse, January 2016

Natural Environment

Map to show natural_habitat_areas_and_open_space_-_aerial_-_Stonehouse, _Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust (GWT)

 Map to show natural_habitat_areas_and_open_space_-_numbered_-_Stonehouse, GWT

Natural_habitat_areas_and_open_space_list_-_Stonehouse, GWT

Map to show Flood zone, Stroud District Council

Local Green Space

Evidence for each of the four areas proposed for designation as Local Green Space in the draft Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed at: Local Green Space Evidence

Historic Environment

Listed Buildings, Stonehouse, February 2016

Map to show heritage assets, Stroud District Council

Gloucestershire County Council Historic Environment Record, Area Summary Report, Stonehouse

Gloucestershire County Council,  Map,_Historic_Environment_Record,_Stonehouse

Stroud Industrial Heritage Conservation Area (ICHA) Conservation Statement (CAS)  Volume 3 Conservation Area Management Proposals (Supplementary Planning Document)

Stroud ICHA CAS Volume 4 Conservation Area Design Guide (Supplementary Planning Advice)

Stonehouse_History_Group_High_Street_walk_handout 2015


Stonehouse_NP_Justification_for_ENV6_Protecting_views: views identified in Town Character Assessment_May_2016


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