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Emergency Planning

Please refer to information on Emergency Planning from Stroud District Council. 


Information on Flooding and Sandbags

Gloucestershire County Council is a Lead Local Flood Authority. Details of Gloucestershire County Council's information and advice on flooding and drainage can be found at

Information on flooding and sandbags can be found on the District Council’s website at

It is a homeowner’s responsibility to protect their property from a flood risk. If a property owner feels their property is at risk of flooding the District Council will encourage the resident to consider other ways to protect the property than sandbags. For example, flood proof doors, flood boards and airbrick covers are more effective and can be stored by the homeowner so that they are much more convenient to use at short notice. This is an independent directory of flood protection products and services for information


Information is provided on our website advising residents where they can obtain free sandbags and sand from. The District Council will give out free empty sandbags at Ebley Mill and will supply empty sandbags to builders merchants across the district. Residents can pick up sandbags from suppliers but will be charged for the sand. Suppliers give the residents free bags which they will need to fill. Some suppliers may have already filled bags for sale. Below is a list of suppliers that the District Council provides empty bags to:


Indoor / Outdoor Builders Merchants, Cam

Tel: 01453 546820
Sat: Close 6pm
Sun: Close 4pm
£2.99 for 24 kilo bag

J C Aldridge & Son Ltd

10 Market Place
GL13 9BB
Tel: 01453 810223
£3.00 for 25 kilo bag


Wisloe Road
Tel: 01453 890 578
Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am - 12:00pm
Sunday: Closed
£2.50 for 25 kilo bag

Chalford Building Supplies

Tel: 01453 732600
Sat: Close 12 noon
£2.62 + VAT for 25 kilo bag

Moreton C. Cullimore (Gravels) Ltd.

Tel: 01452 740326
Sat: Close 11:45am
£27.00 per ton
£0.50 - £1 per sandbag
25kg plastic bags of sand including delivery - £1.50 +VAT can be purchased in bulk of 40 bags per pallet (up to 8 pallets per delivery)

Travis Perkins

Tel: 01453 762194
Sat: Close 12 noon
Sun: Closed all day
£2.49 +VAT for 25 kilo bag


Minimum 100 filled at £300.00
Out of hours. Tel 01452 520853
Sat: Close 5:30pm
Sun: Close 1pm

Some parishes arrange a delivery of sand and the District Council will provide up to 300 empty bags for the parish to fill and distribute as they feel necessary.

Alternatively, parishes can buy in ready filled sandbags to distribute. Ready filled sandbags in bulk can be obtained from Cullimores and Allstone (details given above).

Elderly, Disabled and Vulnerable Residents

Where possible the District Council will provide a service to residents that are elderly, disabled and vulnerable and unable to obtain sandbags themselves. The District Council will arrange for six sandbags per door to be delivered.

Out of Hours Service

The District Council provides an out of hours service for residents who are at an imminent risk of flooding and are unable to obtain any sandbags. For advice out of office hours residents should call 01453 222104. However, there is a limited supply of filled sandbags and a response time cannot be guaranteed. these are delivered on a first come first served basis or is this done on vulnerability.

Flood Alerts

It is not always possible for the District Council to contact the parish directly to advise them a flood warning has been issued and that the parish should consider taking any necessary action. The District Council recommends that parishes sign up to flood alerts and encourage residents who are at risk of flooding to sign up to the Floodline Warnings direct from the Environment Agency by clicking:

Or calling Floodline on 0845 988 1188. The Environment Agency provides guidance on how to prepare property for flooding.

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