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Stonehouse Town Council Emergency Plan

We are currently looking into forming a Working Group to coordinate an Emergency Plan in place for Stonehouse so that our community is prepared for an emergency.

At present Stroud District Council has a Civil Contingency Unit which draws up, maintains and reviews arrangements for dealing with major incidents.

It co-ordinates responses across the council, and works closely with the county's emergency services to ensure that the right people with the right skills are well-briefed and ready to react.

For more information please visit: Stroud District Council Emergency Plan

What is an Emergency Plan?

By having a plan in place it is hoped that Stonehouse as a community will be able to respond to emergencies when they occur in their area and recover quicker and fully. Local knowledge is invaluable when dealing with an emergency by having a written plan communities will be able to assist emergency services direct assistance where it is required most.

An Emergency Plan will provide advice and guidance to the local community in advance and during any significant emergency. The purpose of the plan is to provide a self-help response during any emergency affecting the community, when the normal emergency response provided by the emergency services and the local authorities is delayed, because of the scale or nature of the emergency.

Why have an Emergency Plan?

Stonehouse itself, over the past 5 years, has been affected by heavy snow and wide scale flooding, however there are other risks around us that we should prepare for. These could include incidents on either of the mainline railways coming through Stonehouse or on the Indutrial Estates surrounding Stonehouse.

The lessons learned from the 2007 floods showed that those communities which were prepared for emergency events were better equipped to deal with the impacts. This means that the individuals within those communities were able to cope without fear or panic.

How we plan to get started on our Emergency Plan

Local emergency measures can be as little as just having a designated point of contact within the parish who can receive warnings and messages from emergency services and local authorities.

The plan can grow over time to include areas such as:

  • A parish emergency team
  • Community buildings which can be used as emergency rest facilities
  • Knowledge of skills and expertise within the community
  • Knowledge of special equipment or vehicles within the community
  • Identification of vulnerable premises within the local area
  • Specific actions based on specific local risks.

Getting Involved

Community resilience is about communities and individuals harnessing local resources and expertise to help themselves in an emergency, in a way that complements the response of the emergency services. Which is why we would like to invite members of the Stonehouse Community to take part in the Working Group to form our Emergency Plan; if this is something which you might be interested in then please contact

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