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Canal Project Latest - January 2014

06 January 2014 at 15:00

Dudbridge: Work on refurbishing the two locks was completed just in time for Christmas and the towpath was reopened. Unfortunately, flooding on 23rd December seriously damaged the new towpath. This was followed by further flooding on New Year’s Day which caused a collapse of the facing brickwork on the lower lock. The problem is being caused by debris washing down Slad Brook and Painswick Stream, which is blocking the protective grid covering the culvert inlet. Although we have been clearing the grid, it becomes blocked during high flows, when it is too dangerous to work. We are now examining possible solutions to the problem.

Good news was the opening of the upper lock on 7th December by 10 year old Crystal Hulls, of Stroud Canoe Club. She led a flotilla of 15 canoes through the lock. The event was well received and attracted regional TV coverage. On 23rd December, Cotswold Canals Trust volunteers took the workboat Wookey Hole through the lower lock, becoming the first vessel in over 60 years to ascend it. An official opening of both locks is being planned for March, which will coincide with an event at The Lawns.

Griffins Mill Lock: Our volunteer team has now taken the lead in refurbishment of the lock, as the Cotswold Canals Trust was unable to muster sufficient resources. Most major work had already been completed. However, work here has now slowed due to the large amount of water in the canal.

In the pipeline for 2014:

  • Creation of a bypass channel at Wallbridge to carry river water around the Lower Lock. This will permit the lock itself to be restored in the summer.
  • Clearance of the channel at Cheapside. This may involve creating a structure to retain the slope above.
  • Clearance of the channel between Wallbridge and Lodgemore – very much a ‘missing link’
  • Erection of a retaining wall below Bowbridge Veterinary Surgery. This will permit restoration of Bowbridge Lock by volunteers.
  • Beginning of work by volunteers at Ham Mill Lock once Griffins Mill Lock is completed
  • Installation of interpretation panels
  • Planting and landscaping at Capels Mill


This leaves:

  • Replacement of Lodgemore Bridge. This is dependent on the compulsory purchase currently underway
  • Replacement of Bowbridge Bridge. This is at the tail end of the restoration length and is dependent on funding being available

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