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Town Council supports the National Community Energy Campaign

Stonehouse Town Council resolves to support the National Community Energy Campaign which:


(i) acknowledges the efforts that this council has made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote renewable energy;


(ii) recognises that councils can play a central role in creating sustainable communities, particularly through the provision of locally generated renewable electricity;


(iii) recognises that very large financial setup and running costs involved in selling locally generated renewable electricity to local customers result in it being impossible for local renewable electricity generators to do so,


  • that making these financial costs proportionate to the scale of a renewable electricity supplier’s operation would create significant opportunities for councils to be providers of locally generated renewable electricity directly to local people, businesses and organisations, and


  • that revenues received by councils that became local renewable electricity providers could be used to help fund local greenhouse gas emissions reduction measures and to help improve local services and facilities;


(iv) accordingly resolves to support the Local Electricity Bill, currently supported by a cross-party group of 115 MPs, and which, if made law, would make the setup and running costs of selling renewable electricity to local customers proportionate by establishing a Right to Local Supply; and




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