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Young & old(er) helpers get stuck in at our community litter pick

21 people and 1 (eager) dog picked litter for the town on Sunday. The group consisted of Town Councillors and residents (including 3 children) who wanted to make a difference to the amount of litter left discarded in our town. All were rewarded with homemade cakes and tea after, with some 20+ bags of rubbish and recycling being collected, with some bags being so heavy they had to be collected from the different areas by truck!

We hold a community Litter Pick every two months, and over the last couple of years we've been doing it there has been a visible decrease in the general amount of litter lining our streets, parks and alleyways.


More than 30 million tonnes of litter are collected from the streets in England every year. This is enough to fill Wembley Stadium to the brim four times over.

Each year, local authorities across England spend almost £1billion clearing litter from our streets, parks, highways and public spaces8. This is the price we all pay as taxpayers to keep our nation clean.

Litter is also one of the first signs of social decay. If we don’t care about litter on our street, in our parks or on our high streets, we are unlikely to care about other environmental issues that negatively impact on our lives, our communities and society.

The bill for cleaning up the chewing gum from an average town centre is £20,000 – and often needs to be done up three times a year. That’s £60,000 of avoidable expenditure. Multiply that for the 936 towns in England and it is £56 million which is wasted.

There will always be a cost to empty litter from bins but, if people did the right thing, a large part of this £1billion could be spent on other services. These are services that are also under threat, being cut and are vital to individuals and to society.

Please support us in trying to alleviate litter and it's consequences by join gin us at one of our 'picks' listed below. Your support is appreciated by the town.

Sunday 14th May
Sunday 9th July
Sunday 10th September
Sunday 12th November

The picks will start at 2pm at ‘The Pod’ (Youth Centre) in Oldends Lane Playing Field.

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