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New Defibrillator for Stonehouse is live and operational

27 January 2016 at 12:05

We are extremely pleased to say that the new defibrillator outside the Co-op in the High Street is fully operational. A BIG thanks goes to all those involved in securing the defibrillator for our town including Stonehouse Rotary, Stonehouse Town Council and Mid Counties Co-op.

The Community Heartbeat Trust (CHT) alongside the ambulance service provide community awareness sessions. We will be looking to hold a FREE initial session with any additional sessions incurring a small charge (charged by CHT). Should you wish to participate in the awareness session please get in touch with We will be in touch with dates and more info very soon.

The CHT community awareness ‘Heartbeat’ programme is unique and has been recognised as being ideal for a rural community to create awareness of the issues surrounding treating a patient in the community. It is not a formal classroom course, but designed to answer questions, give basic instruction, be interactive and create confidence.

Each 2 hour session covers:

What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest :-
‘5 minutes to save a life’
’Physiology of the heart’
How to recognise SCA
How to dial 999 :-
what to expect
questions you will be asked
How to do CPR and why
How to use your AED
Recovery position/turning a patient
Handover to the Paramedics
Governance and support programmes

There is no legal requirement to have defibrillator training. The UK Resuscitation Council guidelines indicate that community defibrillators (AEDs) should be able to be used by members of the public with or without any formal training. This is because the equipment is very easy to be used, and when you have called 999, the ambulance service operator will normally stay on the telephone to assist you. The modern AED equipment is also designed
to talk to you and tell you what to do. You cannot make a mistake when using and AED – just follow the instructions being given. 

However, training is desirable, particularly to create confidence in the community, learn CPR, and to understand the processes, as well as managing best practice, and reducing potential for liability.

For more information about the Community Heartbeat Trust (CHT) go to

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Neighbourhood Plan update

26 January 2016 at 11:42

Local residents and Town Councillors are working together to shape, protect and enhance Stonehouse by producing a Neighbourhood Plan. Once it is approved, all planning applications will have to conform to the plan.

Around 70 people attended a Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan Update event on Emerging Policies in October 2015. There was a very positive response to the policy ideas which were presented under the themes of Housing, Environment, Economic Development, Amenities and Facilities and Getting Around. 
Stonehouse Neighbourhood Plan Group members were on hand to answer questions and attendees marked up whether they liked or disliked each idea. The policy ideas were developed by the group in response to the findings from previous public consultation events and to meetings with local groups, businesses and organisations.

Key points from the response to the consultation included strong support for:
• Keeping the library and post office.
• Improving paths and cycle ways.
• Protecting space around the edge of the canal and riverside.
• Use of materials sympathetic to the area in new buildings.
• Re-opening of Bristol Road station.

More detail on the consultation results from October and from all other Neighbourhood Plan events can be found at

The Neighbourhood Plan pages of the Town Council website are being updated to provide more information on how the Plan is being developed. The Group are currently working on a ‘Character
Assessment’ of Stonehouse as evidence for some important policies, for example, on protection of views and design of new buildings. They are researching designating some areas as Local Green Space to protect them from development.

The Group made a successful bid for £7,985 of Locality funding to cover the costs of planning consultancy advice and designing and printing a Draft Plan which should be ready by March 2016.
A 6 week public consultation on the draft is scheduled for May and the Group look forward to hearing your comments.

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Stroud Community Transport needs volunteers

26 January 2016 at 11:40

Stroud Community Transport is a service provided to accommodate the needs of the communities within the Stroud, Dursley and outlying areas. They run a not for profit Car and Minibus Service, it is essentially for the use of the elderly, frail, wheelchair users and those who may be rurally isolated or have a problem using public transport. They undertake all sorts of journeys from: Medical, Day Centres, Visiting, Outings, Shopping (why not group together and have a dedicated day of the week that could be your shopping day to the local Supermarkets) they look at each booking on an individual basis. Volunteering in your community can be hugely rewarding and good for the soul, you could make new friends, learn new skills and be part of making a difference to others’ lives.

They have a need for Volunteer Drivers both within the Dursley and Stroud Area as well as Volunteers to man the phones and take bookings at the office in Stroud. Should you have a few spare hours and would like to help, Please contact them on 01453 759005 between 9am - 1pm.

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Stroud Citizens Advice needs volunteers

26 January 2016 at 11:38

Volunteer Information Session - 3rd February at 3:15pm
Citizens Advice Stroud Office

Stroud District Citizens Advice are calling for new recruits to join their volunteers and make a difference in the local community. Citizens Advice are holding an information session for prospective volunteers on 3 February at 3:15pm in the Stroud office.

Chief Officer, Sally Pickering said “The Stroud District Citizens Advice simply couldn’t function without the time and dedication of our volunteers. Our volunteers are a real asset to the bureau, and they get a lot out of working with us too. Volunteering can be a chance to use or develop your skills to help people resolve their problems.”

Mary who has been volunteering for nearly 3 years said, “I am proud to be a CAB adviser; we provide a professional service and I am always learning and looking up new information. I know if I am not sure about something I have lots of great support from the team.”

The CAB are looking for people who can spare 9 hours a week to join their adviser training course on the 16th March. The training is very comprehensive and travel expenses are paid. If you would like more information about volunteering for the Citizens Advice, contact Sandi Sorell on 01453 7582852 ext 202 or email Sandi

For more information go to

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Ecotricity's Eco Park Public Exhibition

26 January 2016 at 11:35

Saturday 6th February 9-11am
Stonehouse Town Hall

Ecotricity is, in conjunction with Forest Green Rovers FC, holding a Public Exhibition about its Eco Park proposal.Located by Junction 13 of the M5, the 100 acre Eco Park includes state-of-the-arts sporting facilities, a new stadium for Forest Green Rovers, and a green technology business park. Representatives will be on hand to discuss the submitted proposal and talk through the environmental assessments undertaken as part of the application. There will also be information available on how you can have your views heard by Stroud District Council. If you’re unable to make the event, please get in touch with us or visit our website for further information and the dates of our other events.

You can find further information at

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West of Stonehouse approved and will be built

26 January 2016 at 11:32

The land between the Oldends Lane Industrial Estate and the Chipman’s Platt roundabout at the Eastington turning, will be a new settlement. This site has been identified in the Stroud District Local Plan ( which was finally agreed despite much opposition, as a suitable place to have at least 1350 houses, a new primary school, some more industry and some local shops.

The new town in its first stage will be about half the size of Stonehouse which has around 3,300 houses. Stonehouse Town Council and Eastington and Standish Parishes have objected to the proposed site for a number of reasons but primarily because
of traffic issues along the A419, Oldends Lane and the B4008. Stonehouse is also concerned about the connection that people will have to the schools, shops and services in Stonehouse, which will be mainly across the difficult level crossing at Oldends
Lane and along the already congested A419.

The plan has now been approved and substantial objections will not be heard any more. The new town will be built with minor modifications although we will keep ensuring that the issues of transport and traffic are kept to the fore.

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Doverow Hill Usage Survey

26 January 2016 at 11:25

Do you regularly use the footpaths to Doverow Wood?

We would like to hear from all our residents about their enjoyment of this amenity to understand how often the footpaths are used, whether accessibility is a problem, which route is taken, and the reasons for their visit to the wood.

This information is required to support a Nomination of Verney Fields as a Community Asset (See link for explanation We believe the woods provide rural recreation away from the busy streets of town and it would be a great shame if the woods could not be maintained due to change of use of the fields.

Following on from development scheduled for West of Stonehouse and Javelin Park we have to protect the rural environment around us. So please take the time to fill in the online survey here or send us your responses by email or letter to Town Clerk, Stonehouse Town Council, Town Hall, High Street, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire GL10 2NG.

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HITZ Rugby comes to Stonehouse

13 January 2016 at 21:35

Thursday 10th, 17th & 24th March 5 - 7pm
Stonehouse Youth Building, Oldends Lane

All abilities welcome, 11-19 years.
Using sport to increase resilience, self-reliance & confidence. 
Come and train with Gloucestershire’s best.

Free rugby top & ticket to watch Gloucester Rugby.

For more information email
Call 01452 501008 or visit

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The Big Community Switch

13 January 2016 at 21:24

Register your interest by 1st February

Gloucestershire County Council wants to support people in their quest to get a better deal for their energy.
The council is concerned about the impact that energy prices have on Gloucestershire residents, particularly older people and those living in fuel poverty. That's why it is participating in the Big Community Switch to help people get cheaper gas and electricity by working together.

The Big Community Switch is bulk buying - if a large number of people want to change supplier together they are likely to get a better deal than just one person shopping around and switching on their own.

The more households that register their interest in switching, the more attractive it becomes for an energy supplier to offer a competitive price and the more likely consumers are to achieve significant savings.

The closing date to register for the 'Winter' Big Community Switch is 1st February. If you have registered for a previous auction you can still benefit from the auction offers.

You can Register online here…

or by phoning the council on 01452 42 57 57 between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday. By doing this, you are under no obligation to switch supplier.

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