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Stonehouse Goodwill Fest

16 November 2015 at 12:49

Stonehouse Goodwill Fest takes places on Saturday 28th November in the High Street from 2pm-6pm.  Lots of family attractions for everyone to enjoy including Santa's Grotto, stalls, free children's activities, music and lots more.  

Click on this link to see the programme of events.

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Young Gloucestershire Artist's Painting Unveiled at Gloucester Cathedral

12 November 2015 at 18:44

Young Gloucestershire artist's rendition of mouth & foot artist Jon Clayton's painting 'the nativity' unveiled at Gloucestershire Cathedral.

The painting was unveiled on Monday 9 November 2015 at Gloucester Cathedral, where it will be exhibited until January 2016. 

The MFPA (Mouth and Foot Painting Artists) are a group of artists who from birth, or through accident or illness, are unable to use their hands so instead hold a paintbrush in their mouth or with their foot. The artists gain some financial independence from the sale of Christmas cards and seasonal products available to purchase on

The Nativity features on one of the MFPA’s most popular Christmas cards; the MFPA suggested that Young Gloucestershire recreate the scene in order to bring young people closer to the meaning of Christmas.

The young people are all members of Stonehouse Youth Club, a service delivered by Young Gloucestershire (YG). Young Gloucestershire is a countywide charity that supports disadvantaged young people (aged 11-25) who are facing challenges in their lives. The painting project was overseen by lead youth worker, Matt Jones.

Jaz Smith, one of Young Gloucestershire’s artists, says: “When we were told that about Jon’s life and how he created the painting, we were shocked and amazed. His story is so inspirational and it gave us an extra boost to finish the painting. A couple of us even tried painting with our mouths and we thought it was impossible – so the fact that Jon painted a beautiful Nativity scene with his mouth is totally mindblowing. We worked hard to do Jon’s painting justice.”

Matt Jones, Lead Youth Worker, Young Gloucestershire, explained: “This project demonstrates the power that art has to provoke thought and discussion. The young people had never done anything like this before. Painting Jon Clayton’s Nativity scene reconnected them with the Christmas story. We like to teach the young people new skills; by expanding their minds as well as their artistic abilities, this wonderful project with the MFPA did that and more. It had never crossed the young people’s minds before that a work like The Nativity could be painted by mouth; by engaging with this process themselves it pushed the boundaries of their previous understanding of art.”

He adds: “The artists were aware of the Nativity from primary school but this project really gave them the chance to explore the story fully. It was a similar story for their friends around the youth club who came to look at the painting – it taught them about the Three Wise Men and what happened on Nativity night.”

You can see an image of the painting here 

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