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Heart of England in Bloom

29 January 2015 at 16:37

As some of you may have seen in the last edition of the Stonehouse News it is felt that the town should be getting some wider recognition for it's floral displays and it has therefore been decided to enter into the Heart of England In Bloom Regional campaign.

To undertake this, voluntary local support is needed and we are therefore putting out "A Call for Help!" - appealing to those of you who think they might like to get involved in some way.  The support can either be by joining the In Bloom Committee, helping to co-ordinate the various tasks required, by helping with planting, encouraging sponsorship, being available on judging day (July) to help with refreshments - there will be lots of different areas of support that needs to be covered.

We would like to issue an invitation to anyone interested in getting involved to please contact the Town Council office - 01453 822070 or

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Local Plan Update-West of Stonehouse

27 January 2015 at 11:09

In the interim of reconvening the Local Plan Hearing, Stroud District Council have now decided to consult residents about a decision they have already taken to increase the housing numbers from 9500 to 11200.

On the 9th December 2014 Stroud District Council adopted West of Stonehouse as the only sustainable site.

In justifying this decision they have produced a further Sustainability Assessment dated February 2015 to sit alongside the main modifications to the Plan.  Note this includes a prediction of 3550 houses for West of Stonehouse by 2031 as one scenario.  It is important that everyone responds to this consultation on planning grounds and the *Strategic Planning Alliance* are working on an example response.

The period for submissions of representations will run for 6 weeks from 11th February until Wednesday 25th March 2015.

Please see documents at or visit the Town Council office to view the paper copy.

Please make sure you respond!

*The Strategic Planning Alliance is a newly formed alliance of Parish Councils (Eastington and Standish), Town Council (Stonehouse) and community groups (Keep Eastington Rural; Don't Strangle Stroud and Avoca PLD).  Meetings of the Alliance have listened to the views of Parish Councillors, Ward Councillors and two prominent local District politicians.  Funding has been pledged to obtain expert planning advice to challenge Stroud District Council's flawed, developer-focused plans for our District.  The Alliance will put forward an alternative plan that protects run-away development through a sound 5 year land supply and addresses sympathetically the needs of the elderly.

The links for for further information -

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