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Motion against building the incinerator heard by GCC Planning Dept

25 March 2013 at 10:11

The Land at Javelin Park Gloucester County Council Planning Meeting held Thursday 21st March at Kingsholm rugby Club.

It was a day spent hearing facts about why an Incinerator would be too big, uneconomic, a blight on the landscape, cause traffic problems, reduce recycling, be bad for health, burn valuable resources. There had been 4219 objections and only 2 for the planning application. The Committee were asked to come with open minds to the meeting and that is what they did. Questions were asked and some information given.

The planning committee listened to the presentations from group reps such as GlosVAIN and Friends of the Earth, also from local Town, Parish and District councellors. David Drew spoke passionately for Stonehouse. A lively debate took place following questions from the committee members. Democracy took place in that room at the Rugby Club on Thursday and the result was a resounding no to an Incinerator.

One member had gone home and 18 voted for the motion to refuse planning permission. A motion against was put by Dennis Andrewartha and seconded by Sarah Lunnon. The solicitor spend over an hour working on the best wording for the proposal in order to make it watertight in case of a planning appeal.

As it was a recorded vote the clerk read out each committee members name in turn and one by one we were amazed to hear the word "FOR" the motion against building the incinerator. The build up of excitement was incredible and as it dawned on us that it was unanimous the room just erupted in pure exuberance. We were jumping for joy!

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Stonehouse Town Council are now on Twitter!

14 March 2013 at 14:18

Stonehouse Town Council are now on Twitter!

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Great Crested Newt Survey in Stonehouse

14 March 2013 at 12:17

Great Crested Newt Survey

Friday 12 April: 7.30pm - 9pm
Saturday 13 April: 7am - 8.30am

Take part in this fascinating annual survey of great crested newts, a protected species. This is a wonderful chance to learn about these curious creatures and to get involved in this vital project. There used to be a sizeable population of great crested newts at this site before most of the newts’ foraging and hibernation space was built on. We’ll put newt-friendly traps into the pond on Friday evening and will empty them on Saturday morning. Please bring a torch for the evening session. This event is free for people who are sponsoring one of these miniature dragons through Stroud Valleys Project’s wildlife adoption scheme.

Cost: £3/adult, £2/child (for those aged 16 or under)

Booking is essential as places will be limited. For more details and to book a place contact Stroud Valleys Project on 01453 753358 or
07718 129358 or email

This project benefits from the kind support of Biffa Award and Stonehouse Town Council.

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