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The Canal

The restoration of the Cotswold Canals - the Stroudwater Navigation (7 miles/12km) and the Thames and Severn Canal (29 miles/46km) - will see the connection of England`s two greatest rivers; the Thames and the Severn for the first time in over seventy years.

This restoration project will provide opportunities for all by acting as a catalyst for continuing social, economic and environmental regeneration whilst safeguarding their future for everyone to enjoy.

To find out more look at Cotswold Canals Partnership website.

History of the Canal

The Stroudwater Navigation was constructed between 1775 and 1779. The canal linked Framilode, on the River Severn, with Wallbridge in Stroud. It was officially abandoned in 1954 by Act of Parliament.

Work started on the Thames & Severn Canal in 1783 with the opening in 1789. This canal was abandoned in two phases; between the River Thames and Whitehall Bridge (including Sapperton Tunnel) on 10 May 1927; and between Whitehall Bridge & Wallbridge, Stroud on 9 June 1933.

Restoration Phase 1A

The length of canal to be restored under the Phase 1A Restoration Programme is between 'The Ocean' at Stonehouse on the Stroudwater Navigation, and Brimscombe Port to the east of Stroud, which is on the Thames & Severn Canal. A total length of about 6 miles.

Phase 1A restoration  includes:

  • 6 miles of canal
  • Re-instatement of  about 1000m (total) of infilled canal at Ebley, Capel's Mill, Hope Mill, Gough's Orchard & Brimscombe Port
  • Upgrading the towpath
  • Construction of 10 bridges   
  • Restoration / re-instatement of 10 locks and the major reconstruction/redevelopment of Brimscombe Port.

Revised Restoration Plan

Since restoration  commenced, it has become apparent that there is insufficient funding to complete all the planned works. As of November 2012, the restoration of the canal from west to east will stop at Bowbridge. This means that restoration of the following major items cannot  be scheduled, due to the funding shortfall.

  • Bowbridge Lock
  • Ham Mill Lock
  • New lock at Hope Mill
  • New road bridge at Hope Mill
  • Removal of infill at Hope Mill
  • Gough's Orchard Lock (mainly fitting of Lock Gates)
  • Removal of infill above Gough's Orchard Lock
  • New river crossing near Brimscombe Port
  • New road bridge near Brimscombe Port

At Brimscombe Port, the plan now is that the Stroud Valleys Canal Company will restore the canal route through the Port, and developers will be sought  to construct the commercial and residential property.

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